Quick start instructions:

1. Installing the component and a module

In Joomla go to 'Extensions'->'Extensions Manager.'

Install the Unite_RevolutionSlider.zip

This will install a component and a module for you in one installations.

2. Create a slider, and add slides in the component.

Go to 'Components'->'Unite Revolution Slider'  under components.

Click on new to create a new SLIDER. On the left you have many configuration options you can play with.

Click save and close after you finished configuring your new SLIDER. Then click Edit slides. On the edit slides page click the NEW button on top to add a new SLIDE to your slider.

Each slide should have a name and a background image and as many layers as you like. You can add as many SLIDES to your SLIDER as you like.

3. Setting up the module.

* The modules task is to put the slider on the html page. You can put more than one slider on any page, each slider has it's module with it's settings.

Go to "Extensions" -> "Modules Manager". And publish the Unite Revolution Slider module that was installed.

Click on a module to go into edit mode.

In "General Settings" select a Slider from the component you just set up.

Now select the module position (according to your theme), and asign the module to pages under module assignment.

Dont forget to save and close and your done! Good luck :)