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version: 1.3.44
Release Log:
	version 1.3.44

-bug fix: fixed double includes bug

version 1.3.43

-made some export addon changes

version 1.3.42

-bug fix: fixed some php related bug
-bug fix: removed the set_time_limit function from security reasons

version 1.3.41

-feature: made support for all image sizes in wp
-feature: made "expand" button in the html editors
-bug fix: made support for biger zips to upload

version 1.3.40

-bug fix: fixed ssl url includes issue

version 1.3.39

-bug fix: fixed some small bug in test addon and icon field

version 1.3.38

-bug fix: fixed some small bug related to assets path

version 1.3.37

-feature: added icon picker attribute
-feature: added fonts panel

version 1.3.36:

-feature: updated layout css

version 1.3.35:

-feature: made shortcode work in the output

version 1.3.34:

-bug fix: fixed compatability issues for php 7.1
-change: added styles for protect the jquery ui dialog from third party styles

version 1.3.33:

-bug fix: fixed some bug in import layouts

version 1.3.32:

-bug fix: fixed throw error on editor destroy

version 1.3.31:

-bug fix: fixed edit item in the editor after page load

version 1.3.30:

-feature: made "overwrite addons" checkbox on layout import
-bug fix: fixed table pagination design

version 1.3.29:

-feature: added layout widget in wp

version 1.3.26:

-bug fix: fixed editor jump to cancel button bug

version 1.3.26:

-bug fix: fixed editor mode - set always to advanced

version 1.3.25 b1:

-bug fix: fixed layout view toolbar

version 1.3.25:

-feature: added editor field
-change: added toolbar on manage layouts view

version 1.3.22b1:

-bug fix: joomla: fixed collisiont between helix framework

version 1.3.22:

-feature: added functionality to install addons on activate from the install package

version 1.3.21:

-bug fix: fixed layouts export related issues

version 1.3.20:

-change: filter addons thumbs folders on export

version 1.3.19:
version 1.3.18:

-change: improved layout export feature

version 1.3.17:

-bug fix: fixed save images 

version 1.3.16:

-bug fix: fixed preview in blank window issue
-bug fix: fixed layout output with col gutter

version 1.3.15:

-feature: made rich export / import layout
version 1.3.14:

-bug fix: fixed upload to assets folder functionality in wp

version 1.3.13:

-bug fix: fixed small bug with shortcode param add function rename
-bug fix: fixed layout output styles to body

version 1.3.12:

-feature: added admin label in addon editor for vc

version 1.3.11:

-bug fix: fixed https bug

version 1.3.9:

-bug fix: fixed preview addon bug

version 1.3.8b1:

-bug fix: fixed bug from previous version

version 1.3.8:

-bug fix: fixed identical scripts includes
-bug fix: fixed posible non correct placeholders values

version 1.3.7:

-change: added image id support for settings image type

version 1.3.6:

-bug fix: fixed some layouts related bugs

version 1.3.5:

-change: made some changes to the layout design
-change: made browser addon tab

version 1.3.4:

-change: changed layout design
version 1.3.3 b2:

- bug fix: fixed manager styles another time

version 1.3.3 b1:

- bug fix: fixed addon library styles

version 1.3.3:

-bug fix: fixed multiple js includes in the output

version 1.3.2:

-feature: remember last selected category in the addons manager
-bug fix: fixed url assets convert issue

version 1.3.1:

-change: changed the addons manager view to "thumbs" 

version 1.3:

-bug fix: fixed some small bugs

version 1.2.9:

-change: added better merge settigns functionality
-change: keep "edit permission" option only for wordpress version
-feature: added wp disable autop filters option

version 1.2.8 b4:

-bug fix: fixed the addon creator importer

version 1.2.8 b3:

-bug fix: fixed addon library didn't appeared in some post types issue

version 1.2.8 b2:

-bug fix: fixed double descriptions in fields again

version 1.2.8 b1:

-bug fix: loading dialog extend script in footer

version 1.2.8:

-change: improved export functionality
-bug fix: fixed double descriptions in fields

version 1.2.7:

-bug fix: several small bug fixes

version 1.2.6:

-bug fix: fixed visual composer mp3 field

version 1.2.5:

-bug fix: fixed settings radio box oposite name value

version 1.2.4:

-feature: added "audio select" attribute

-bug fix: returned the internal (inside addon editor) image select dialog
-bug fix: fixed clear image internal attribute
-bug fix: fixed extended code editor dialog

version 1.2.2:

-bug fix: fixed directory change related url bugs

version 1.2.1:

-change: made some changes according wordperss library standarts

version 1.2:

-bug fix: fixed params named "content" in vc
-bug fix: fixed bottom line move to select 
-bug fix: fixed "delete multiple addons" bug

version 1.1.9:

-change: improved sanitize functions

version 1.1.8:

-change: changed some code required by the wordpress plugins library team

version 1.1.7:

-bug fix: fixed some type and addon creation related issues

version 1.1.6:

-feature: added welcome message on empty addons
-bug fix: fixed image select regular
-bug fix: set up the library for wp multisite

version 1.1.5:

-change: changed the importer for empty addon type

version 1.1.4:
-feature: done overwrite import addon feature

version 1.1.3:
- bug fix: fixed items select image

version 1.1.2:
bug fix: fixed some small layout related bug

version 1.1.1:

-bug fix: fixed some css bugs

version 1.1:

-feature: added export and import layout functionality

version 1.0.9:

-changed front css of layouts to display:block

version 1.0.8 b1:

-protection: added importer from addon creator plugin

version 1.0.8:

-bug fix: fixed some type related issues
-bug fix: prepared the library for the newest version of vc

version 1.0.7:

-prepare the library for visual composer

version 1.0.5:

- bug fix: fixed joomla js Tips() collision

version 1.0.4:

-bug fix: fixed some creator plugin related stuff

version 1.0.3:

-bug fix: fixed small bug with adding addon to empty category

version 1.0.2:

-feature: added plaginable options 
-feature: added "create addons" plugin

version 1.0.1:

-feature: added install from folder ability on component install

version 1.0:

-feature: added multiple import for addons

version b20: 

-bug fix: fixed edit items bug
-bug fix: fixed addons output bug

version b19: 

feature: added multiple addons per layout

version b17: 

feature: added categories support

version b17: 

fixed "ajax error" on import - added native zip unpack

fist plugin release!