Step 1. Install the Addon Library

Addon Library is a FREE component that lets you manage your addons.
You can download it from the client area by logging into our website.
Download the Addon Library and install it via the extension manager in Joomla.

Step 2. Import your first addon

After installing the addon library zip file under joomla extensions.
Go to Components >> Addon Library >> My Addons
Click on the Import Addon Button
In the popup select the Addon you want to install from your computer and click on Import Addon to complete the installation.
Your new addon will now show in the Addon Library list.
(You can also import a whole bundle by selecting the whole zip file)

Step 3. Creating your first layout

Go to Components >> Addon Library >> My Layouts
Click on the New Layout button.

Step 4. Adding an Addon to the layout

Click on the + icon.
Select an Addon from the poup.
Once adding one addon you can add column on the left and right and also delete or duplicate the columns.

Step 5. Putting the layout inside a Joomla article.

Copy the shortcode from the top of the layout editor or from the my Layouts list.
Paste the shortcode inside the article you want it to show.
Dont forget to save.
Go to the article in the frontend and view your layout.